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Introduction to soymilk products

Soy milk beverage production line overall solutions
2019/06/12 11:51

According to the definition of GB/T 30885-2014, soymilk products include two kinds such as soymilk and soymilk beverage.
There are various soymilk products in the market with different flavors, tastes and stability, as well as different production processes.



The beany flavor is a typical flavor of soymilk, but different people have different preference levels for it.The bean scent is the flavor 

consumers expect,while bitterness and astringency are those consumers don't expect. The phenomena of fat floating and protein

precipitation are common stability problems that occur during the production of soymilk products.


Soymilk is a basic material for soymilk products,

And its quality and taste will directly affect the quality of soymilk products

To produce satisfactory and reliable soymilk products for consumers,

Our suggestion is to master the processes and use appropriate equipment.

In order to cover the bitterness,astringency and other unpleasant odors of soymilk products,

improve the product stability and prolong the product shelf life,thickeners,emulsifiers,

stabilizers,antioxidants,flavoring essences,etc.are added.

But excessive addition of food additives also brings certian panic to consumers and cause the probiem of product similority in the market.
To solve this bottleneck and difficulties encountered by the product, there have been soymilk products with zero addition of food additives, good 
stability and long shelf life in recent years. This is mainly achieved through adopying advanced production processes and equipment.