Cooked soya technology




◆ Reduces the soy flavor of soymilk.

◆ The product tastes mellow and full-bodied.





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Dali group chooses Beijing kangdeli as a strategic partner to enter into high-end soybean milk project

Dali group, which has created many brilliant achievements in China's food industry with classic foods such as "Daliyuan", "Heqizheng", "yudiandian", "kebik", "Lehu" and "priority milk", has recently invested billions of yuan to join hands with Beijing kangdeli Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to build more than ten world's first fully automatic unattended high-end soybean milk production lines. The production line has been successively sent to Dali group's factories in Fujian and Chengdu, and has entered the stage of installation and commissioning. It is expected to provide real natural non additive, safe and healthy, mellow, nutritious and delicious high-end soybean milk products for Chinese people around the Spring Festival.

Kangdeli presents at the 6th China international soybean food processing technology and Equipment Exhibition

The "2016 Sixth China International Soybean Food Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition and the First China Soybean Food Festival", sponsored by the Soybean Products Professional Committee of China Food Industry Association, were held in Shanghai Everbright Exhibition Center from April 14 to April 16, 2016.

Participants of the China Soybean Food Industry University Research Project Matchmaking Cooperation Fair visited our company

On January 8, 2016, the participants of China soybean food industry university research project docking Cooperation Conference visited our company for guidance, successively visited our company's bean product equipment exhibition hall, bean product exhibition hall, production workshop, bean product technology laboratory, and gave a high evaluation to our company's products and corporate culture.

Kangdeli company has been granted invention patent successfully

On June 10, Beijing Kangdeli Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. applied for the invention patent of "A bean skin grafting device and method and skin grafting air drying device and method", which obtained the invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China, and recently obtained the patent certificate.

From December 10, 2014 to 12, participated in Hotel Canton Articles Exhibition

From December 10 to December 12, 2014, we participated in the Guangzhou hotel supplies exhibition. The exhibition area of Beijing kangdeli company attracted numerous exhibitors, "perfect combination of advanced equipment and traditional technology - high quality" "High production rate" won high praise for the theme, met the needs of customers, consolidated the existing customer cooperation relationship, and also explored potential customers who showed strong intention to cooperate, laying the foundation for market development.

Kangdeli was elected as the Vice Chairman of the National Soybean Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

On June 20, the first council of the second session of the Soybean Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance was held in Harbin National Soybean Engineering Technology Research Center. The meeting summarized the role played by the soybean industry alliance in serving the national soybean industry development, providing decision-making consultation for relevant national departments, and carrying out industry university research cooperation in the past five years, and put forward requirements for the next step.