Appraisal Meeting on the Research and Development of the Regulation Technology and Automation Equipment for the Micro pressure Cooking of Industrial Soybean Milk

On January 9, 2014, the "Research and Development of Micro pressure Cooking Control Technology and Automation Equipment for Industrialized Soybean Milk Quality" jointly completed by our company and the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering of China Agricultural University, Huainan Bagong Mountain Soybean Products Factory and Hubei Shanxiangsi Food Co., Ltd. passed the achievement appraisal organized by the Ministry of Education.

Soybean products processing is a traditional food industry in China, and the cooking process is a very important link in the soybean products processing technology. At present, two traditional cooking methods, namely "atmospheric intermittent" and "overflow continuous", are widely used in the soybean product industry. However, "intermittent" heating is not easy to control, the stability between batches is poor, the operation is cumbersome, the energy consumption is high, and the production capacity is low, which is not conducive to large-scale industrial production; However, "overflow continuous" heating is easy to form "steam block", which causes mixing of raw pulp and cooked pulp, insufficient or inconsistent thermal denaturation of proteins, leading to large differences in chemical properties of proteins, thus seriously affecting the quality of subsequent products. Moreover, the capacity and cooking mode of "overflow continuous type" are relatively fixed, because the capacity to adjust the output and variety is poor. In addition, soybean milk contains a large amount of saponins, which are easy to generate bubbles and emit a large amount of steam during boiling, resulting in false boiling and poor working environment. Defoamers are often used in production to control foam overflow, which greatly increases the production cost of enterprises and wastes energy.

In view of the above problems, the research team, based on in-depth research on the contribution of major flavor substances in soy milk to the flavor of soy milk and the generation law of protein particles, proposed the protein particle control technology for the thermal transformation of soy milk flavor and the impact on the taste, solved the problems of uneven protein heating and the decline of gel property, improved the overall flavor of soy milk, improved the quality and stability of soy milk, and developed the PLC program control preheating degassing treatment The micro pressure pulping system with multi tank parallel connection and intermittent heating to maintain the pressure can flexibly adjust the production variety and output of soybean products according to the "menu" without adding defoamer, and achieve continuity and automation, effectively reduce energy consumption and improve the production environment.

The achievements of this project were fully affirmed by the experts present. Academician Sun Baoguo pointed out that the research was "well selected and well done"! At present, the development of China's traditional food industry most needs to achieve equipment automation. This project has done a lot of research and automatic equipment development for the processing of China's traditional soybean products. This achievement has great application value in the industrial production of China's soybean products. Experts agreed that the "automatic micro pressure pulping process and equipment" developed by the research group is a new generation of pulping system independently developed after China's "overflow pulping" equipment, which has reached the international advanced level on the whole. The successful development of this system has solved the production technology problems existing in traditional equipment systems, which will help improve the production efficiency and product quality of enterprises. Experts suggested that efforts should be made to promote the technical equipment system and promote the upgrading of soybean milk cooking equipment in China, which is of great significance for promoting the automation of traditional soybean product processing equipment and changing the backward situation of soybean product processing technology.

After our company's equipment development and product promotion of this technology, this pulping system has been used in more than 100 companies, including Hunan Jinshi Shibazi Food Co., Ltd., Nantong Chengxin Bean Products Co., Ltd., Shanxi Huangyu Food Technology Co., Ltd., Huainan Bagong Mountain Bean Products Factory, Jilin Mingzui Food Products Co., Ltd., Hunan Manshifu Food Co., Ltd., and Japanese soybean products processing enterprises. So far, Four sets of continuous micro pressure pulping systems and more than 200 sets of monomer micro pressure pulping systems have been sold, which has achieved good market response and economic benefits.

The appraisal committee is headed by Academician Sun Baoguo, Vice President of Beijing Industrial and Commercial University, Wang Ruiyuan, Vice President of China Cereals and Oils Association, and Zhang Zhenshan, President of Beijing Soybean Products Association. The appraisal meeting was hosted by China Agricultural University. Gao Mingyu, the director of the base management office of the Academy of Agricultural University, presided over the appraisal meeting on behalf of the Science and Technology Achievement Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Education. Professor Huang Kunlun, the vice president of the School of Food, attended and delivered a welcome speech. Lin Zhiqi, the general manager of the company, Xu Li, the technology developer, Ren Wei, the director of the achievement patent department of the Academy of Agricultural University, and all members of the protein processing and utilization laboratory of the School of Food attended the appraisal meeting.

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