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      Established in 1996, BEIJING KANGDELI INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research,development and manufacturing of soybean product and soybean beverage machinery and equipment as well as training for production processes.

     By keeping to the corporate philosophy of human oriented and technological innovation, our company has incomparable unique advantages in talents, technologies and industry influence. In addition to having our own plant protein research and development center, our company has also built a joint laboratory with the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University and established KANGDELI -- Shaoyang Institute Joint Experimental Base with Hunan Shaoyang Institute. Since 2012, KANGDELI has established long-term cooperation relationships with many enterprises such as Japan Takahashi Corporation, Japan Keiyo, YASUJIMA Co., Ltd, etc. Currently we have been granted more than 80 patents, and have undertaken tasks in the 12th Five-Year Plan and 13th Five-Year Plan programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The successfully developed cooked soya technology, menu type micro-pressure cooking technology, soymilk flavor generation and retention technology, unmanned soymilk automatic production line, sour water tofu automatic curding technology, brine filled tofu (uncongealed tofu) technology and okara drying technology and equipment have filled the technical blanks in the industry and led the development of the industry. As sponsor of the "Soybean Variety and Modern Soymilk Processing Seminar" and organizer of the "First Symposium on Technical Development and Application Innovation of Probiotic Soymilk (Milk)", KANGDELI is pushing forward the healthy and rapid development of the soybean beverage industry together with famous enterprises in the industry.

     The raw materials and parts from world's famous manufacturers, modern processing equipment, well-trained employees, scientific and reasonable mechanical design, as well as strict quality control system ensure advanced and reliable KANGDELI products. We have won wide trust and high praise from users. Our company is a common choice of Beidahuang Group, Dali Group,Tongyi Enterprise, Laoganma, Doudou Group, Hangzhou Hongguang Langhua, Henan Zhongwo and many other top companies.In addition, KANGDELI has also been awarded many honors such as Trustworthy Enterprise in Beijing, Excellent Manufacturer of Soybean Product Equipment in Beijing, etc.

      Our company is in an endless pursuit of honesty, introduction and absorption and independent innovation. Building projects and enhancing the image is our consistent service philosophy. Respecting customers and creating value for customers is our solemn commitment to customers. Kanglide is ready to work closely with people in the industry and jointly create a brilliant future for the soybean product and soybean beverage industries.