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Dali group chooses Beijing kangdeli as a strategic partner to enter into high-end soybean milk project

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2016/10/26 16:42

Dali group, which has created many brilliant achievements in China's food industry with classic foods such as "Daliyuan", "Heqizheng", "yudiandian", "kebik", "Lehu" and "priority milk", has recently invested billions of yuan to join hands with Beijing kangdeli Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to build more than ten world's first fully automatic unattended high-end soybean milk production lines. The production line has been successively sent to Dali group's factories in Fujian and Chengdu, and has entered the stage of installation and commissioning. It is expected to provide real natural non additive, safe and healthy, mellow, nutritious and delicious high-end soybean milk products for Chinese people around the Spring Festival.

Beijing kangdeli Co., Ltd. is a professional bean product equipment design and manufacturing enterprise with the goal of optimizing the traditional process of bean products, promoting the intelligent production control and improving the quality of bean products. It has long cooperated closely with China Agricultural University, Shaoyang college and other universities, and the technical team of Japan Co., Ltd. In recent years, it has successively provided new bean products equipment with independent intellectual property rights for hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises in China, such as "Beidahuang group", "Laoganma" and "tofu workshop", etc., and accumulated rich technology and experience in design, production and field installation.

In this bid for the soybean milk project of Dali group, Beijing kangdeli company, with its professional technical team, excellent product quality, reasonable process route and advanced design concept, stands out from dozens of peers at home and abroad, wins the high recognition of Dali group and becomes the equipment supplier in the soybean milk pretreatment stage. The CIP cleaning system with full production line and 24-hour continuous unmanned production in the workshop can be realized only by central system control, which will become an ideal choice for high-end soybean milk production in wet pulping process.