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Kangdeli company has been granted invention patent successfully

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2015/08/07 16:43

On June 10, kangdeli company was granted the patent for invention. The invention patent of a kind of soybean skin grafting device and method and the device and method of skin grafting and air drying applied by Beijing kangdeli Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was granted the patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China, and recently obtained the patent certificate.

The invention patent, through ingenious mechanism design, is connected with the soybean skin peeling machine to realize the automatic production of the soybean skin from peeling to drying. It has been successfully applied to the mass production of the soybean skin in the bean product factory, and solves the problems of high labor intensity, many human factors and high rate of bean skin damage in the existing artificial skin grafting technology, which lead to low product productivity. As a result of further reducing the direct contact between the workers and the husks, the bacterial pollution of the husks in the drying process is greatly reduced, the whole production process of the husks is more hygienic, and the shelf life of the husks is effectively improved.